get your proudct pricing right
to meet your financial goals

Simulate, Analyse and Optimize
Product Pricing Strategy to meet
your financial goals

Make data driven decisions on your product pricing by performing Price Simulations and What-If-Analysis

Businesses can run simulations and analyze multiple pricing scenarios to evaluate the potential impact on revenue, margin, and cash flow. This feature enables data-driven decision-making by providing insights into the best pricing strategies to achieve desired financial outcomes.

You can create multiple pricing versions tailored to specific geographic regions or product categories, allowing for targeted pricing strategies to meet diverse market needs.

Generate Cashflow Projections to ensure that product pricing decisions are aligned with company's financial objectives

Our software allows businesses to set target revenue and margin goals and automatically calculates the optimal product pricing to achieve those targets..

Businesses can generate yearly cash flow projections based on the chosen pricing strategy, providing a comprehensive view of financial performance over time.

Store and Compare different Pricing Models

Businesses can store and manage multiple pricing simulations for future reference and analysis, ensuring data accessibility and continuity in pricing strategy refinement.

You can also compare multiple pricing scenarios side by side to evaluate their respective impacts on key financial metrics, facilitating informed decision-making.

Gain visibility into all your Products' Pricing and Company's cumulative Cashflow with Intuitive Dashboard and Analytics

Access intuitive dashboards that provide visibility into pricing models of all your products in a single pane of glass. Analyze different pricing models and create baseline pricing to sell your products. Track your budgeted versus actual cashflow.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that suits your business.


  • 2 Simulation
  • 1 Month Free



  • 100 Simulation
  • Simulation Data Storage
  • Report Download
  • Dashboards


Paid Annually


  • 5 User Login
  • Unlimited Simulation
  • Simulation Data Storage
  • Report Download
  • Dashboards


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