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GTM Assessment Services

In today’s dynamic business landscape, a robust Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is crucial for success. However, aligning it with market needs and organizational goals can be challenging. This is where a comprehensive GTM assessment proves useful.

Such an assessment can help identify gaps in your current GTM strategy and drive growth by uncovering new opportunities. It can also mitigate risks by identifying any oversights, resulting in more predictable, cost-effective growth.

Our assessment delves into over 60 critical parameters in areas such as Target Market Analysis, Positioning Evaluation, Pricing Strategy Review, Branding and Communication, Sales Operating Plan Examination, Sales Channel Assessment, Demand Generation Strategies, Sales Process Audit, Tooling Architecture, and Sales & Marketing Team Capabilities.

Each parameter is given a clear Red-Amber-Green (RAG) status in our assessments, accompanied by actionable insights.

Our approach is multifaceted, combining qualitative and quantitative methods. This includes:

  • Conducting in-depth sessions with founders, executives, and customers
  • Analyzing existing GTM Plans and marketing material
  • Examining MIS data
  • Reviewing Sales Tech and Marketing Tech stack

Business and GTM Strategy

A well-defined Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy can guide efforts toward a single goal and enable efficient customer acquisition, especially when resources are limited. Xscale helps companies create a clear GTM strategy and operating plan.

The GTM strategy is centred on market segmentation, the company’s core strengths, and the competitive landscape. GTM Planning includes:
Geographic Coverage:
Identifying target geographies for Company’s product and services.
Customer Segment:
Identifying target customer segments i.e. choosing a right mix of enterprise, mid-market, or small businesses segment.
Gauging the upcoming industry opportunities and re-evaluating the currently targeted industries.
Sales Channel Selection:
Identifying appropriate sales channels for the defined target markets and customer segments.
Defining a clear market positioning for the company to establish a differentiation vis-a-vis competition.
Reviewing existing pricing strategies based on positioning, market, and competition

In designing an impactful Sales Operating Plan, we support in the following areas:

Sales Territory Design: Designing Sales territories to ensure optimal coverage based on product, geography, and customer segment.

  • Sales Team Structure: Structuring sales teams to cover target markets effectively. This also include pre-sales and marketing teams’ structure.
  • Quota and Headcount Allocation: Designing quotas and headcount allocations to maximize the productivity of the Sales Teams.

Brand Building & Product Marketing

Product Marketing and Brand Building are vital for setting a company apart, establishing customer trust, and achieving long-term success. They form a unique identity that resonates with the company’s target audience, distinguishing them in the competitive landscape.

Here’s how we support our customers:
Positioning and Messaging:
After conducting in-depth analyses of the Company’s target market, competitors, and industry trends to define compelling value propositions, we craft clear positioning aligning the Company’s offerings with customer pain points effectively. We also help design persuasive messaging tailored to different buyer personas,

Crafting a Distinct Identity:
By delving into the company’s core values, vision, and mission, we develop a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your audience. This helps ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, creating a memorable brand experience for the company’s customers.

Thought Leadership and Reputation:
Xscale works with companies to position them as industry thought leader through thought-provoking content and expert insights. This strategy not only enhances the Company’s credibility but also builds trust and authority within its niche.

Digital Marketing and Demand Generation

At Xscale, we recognize the critical role that effective digital marketing and demand generation play in business growth. We guide your company through the ever-changing marketing landscape, ensuring your product reaches the right audience and delivers measurable results.

Here’s how we help:

Strategic Planning:
Xscale analyzes your business objectives, target audience, and competitive environment to craft a comprehensive demand generation strategy. Our method blends data-driven insights with creativity to maximize your ROI.

Demand Generation:
Our team creates a multi-channel campaign design to generate high-quality leads. This covers both digital channels like SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing to physical demand gen channels like trade shows, PR and offline advertising.

Inbound Marketing:
Xscale assists in crafting an inbound strategy to attract, engage, and convert your prospects. This includes nurturing and converting the leads through automated drip campaigns.

Paid Advertising:
Our team optimizes your costs for social, search, and display ads, using analytics and relevant platforms for precise audience targeting.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):
Xscale helps fine-tune your website and landing pages through A/B testing to increase conversions and enhance user experience.

Analytics and Reporting:
Our services are rooted in data-driven decisions. We track key metrics, analyze performance, and provide actionable insights.

Inside Sales

At Xscale, we understand that a strong inside sales function is fundamental for any successful B2B organization. Whether you're building from the ground up or aiming to refine your current inside sales processes, we help facilitate revenue growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Here’s how we aim to assist:

Designing Inside Sales Process:
We structure an efficient inside sales process, clearly defining roles for each team member involved in the sales cycle.

Sales Compensation Plan Recommendations:
We develop a competitive compensation plan that motivates your inside sales team, aligning incentives with performance metrics and business objectives.

Target Audience and Value Proposition:
We analyze your target audience, define your positioning, and craft compelling value propositions that resonate with potential customers.

Use Cases for Each Industry:
We identify industry-specific use cases to showcase your product or service’s value, tailoring messaging for different sectors.

Buyer Persona Development and Messaging:
Our team helps in creating detailed buyer personas for accurate targeting, crafting personalized messaging that directly addresses each persona’s challenges.

Collateral Creation Assistance:
Xscale works with your teams to develop compelling case studies, testimonials, and other sales materials, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand.

Prospecting Methods Identification and Database Building:
We explore various prospecting methods to build and a high-quality prospect database.

Multi-Channel Outbound Campaign Design:
Xscale designs an outbound campaign strategy that leverages multiple channels: including email, telephone, LinkedIn, etc., to optimize reach.

Process and Tools Training:
Our team trains the Inside Sales team on the outbound sales process and relevant tools.

Funnel Conversion Metrics Definition and Measurement:
We define key funnel stages (awareness, consideration, decision), measuring conversion rates at each stage to optimize performance.

Field Sales

Xscale helps unlock your Company’s growth potential with our specialized Field Sales consulting services, tailored to address the unique challenges emerging businesses face. We provide comprehensive solutions for common field sales hurdles paced by the company, including:

Designing Team Structure:
We clearly define role of each team member in the sales cycle. Develop a competitive compensation plan that motivates the sales team. Align incentives with performance metrics and business goals.

Territory Management:
Xscale implements efficient territory management techniques to streamline operations, optimize coverage, and boost the overall productivity of your field sales team.

Creating Value Proposition and Sales collaterals:
We analyze your target audience to define positioning and use cases and help create compelling messaging and sales collaterals that resonate with your potential customers.

Lead Generation, Qualification, and Funnel Conversion:
We define field sales processes to generate high-quality leads, qualify them, and guide them through the sales funnel to maximize conversion rates. Evaluate conversion rates at each stage to optimize performance.

Coaching for Effective Customer Engagement:
Our team provides specialized training and coaching to equip your field sales representatives with the skills and techniques they need to effectively engage customers, build lasting relationships, and drive sales growth.

Value Selling and Competitive Differentiation:
We uses Value Selling methodology and analytics to gain a competitive edge, differentiate your company’s offerings, and win you your potential customers.

Negotiation and Deal Coaching:
We train and coach the sales team to drive the deal cycle and master negotiations, aiming for better win rates, higher deal values, and faster closure to maximize revenue and margins.

Account Management

Every company has a set of accounts they aim to develop and expand. These are often market leaders that provide visibility, validation, and brand value in the market. The objectives of an account management approach include:

Customer Retention and Expansion:
Xscale focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty through targeted upsell and cross-sell initiatives, thereby increasing the Company’s lifetime value.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:
We streamline processes to maximize ROI and resource utilization for the company.

Revenue Diversification:
Xscale assists the company in reducing dependence on a few clients by diversifying revenue streams across the customer base.

Xscale uses the following approach to build an effective account management function tailored specifically for your Company:

Identify focus accounts:
Xscale helps in segmenting existing customers based on revenue contribution, industry, growth potential, and other customer-specific parameters to identify accounts that have highest future potential for the company.

Develop Account Plans (APM):
We help design comprehensive account plans for the Company’s identified accounts. These plans cover key customer challenges, whitespace opportunities, competition positioning, key stakeholders, growth opportunities, financial resources, potential models, and decision-making processes.

Design Account Based Marketing (ABM) plans:
Tailored to the Company’s strategic objectives, we help in crafting personalized ABM plans. These include curated content like case studies and success stories, exclusive events or webinars, Account-Specific Landing Pages, and tailored offers, all aimed at maximizing your engagement and impact.

Strengthen Execution Capabilities:
Xscale designs the right team structure, suggest the regular customer touchpoints, align team KPIs, and deploy the most relevant tools and processes to foster seamless communication between sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

Sales Process and Analytics

In the dynamic world of business, scaling sales requires efficient processes. At Xscale, we specialize in defining and optimizing key sales processes:

Quote to Cash Process:
Xscale streamlines every step from generating a quote to receiving payment for faster revenue realization.

Lead Management Process:
We help maximize conversion rates with a well-defined lead management process.

Pipeline and Forecasting Process:
Accurate forecasting is crucial for predictable revenue. We design or enhance your pipeline management and forecasting processes to maximize revenue potential and minimize surprises.

Sales Funnel Analytics & Optimization:
Xscale helps collect, analyze, and interpret sales data to improve decision-making. This also helps you to understand the health of your sales funnel and interventions required to mitigate risks and accelerate sales.

Effective Proposal and Contracting:
Our team develops an effective process for crafting compelling proposals and contracts that align with your brand and expedite deal closures.

Roles & Responsibilities Optimization:
A well-defined sales team operates like a synchronized orchestra. We assess and optimize each team member’s roles and responsibilities for clarity, accountability, and collaboration.

Sales Compensation Design:
Xscale creates customized compensation plans that balance incentives, fairness, and performance to keep your sales force motivated and aligned.

Onboarding and Training Programs:
By designing effective onboarding and sales training processes, our team helps your organization equip new hires with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to hit the ground running.

GTM Tooling Architecture

Technology-driven and digital-first sales are quintessential for any company today. They can speed up the sales cycle and drastically lower the cost of customer acquisition. These tools can enhance targeted outreach and nurturing, resulting in a substantial boost in sales performance. Companies often deploy tools without extracting any benefits because what they need for effective sales is a complete sales technology architecture, not isolated tools. Xscale assists in building a Sales Technology framework by advising on the appropriate selection, deployment, and use of these tools, which include:

Outbound Prospecting Tools:
Xscale assess, recommends, and deploys the right outbound prospecting tools to expand your reach.

Inbound Optimization and Retargeting Tools:
Our team evaluates and deploys tools for inbound optimization and retargeting.

CRM and Analytics for Direct and Channel Sales:
We optimize or deploy customer relationship management and analytics tools for both direct and channel sales.

Marketing Automation Tools:
Xscale assists with the deployment of marketing automation tools for social, digital, and other campaigns.

Customer Success Measurement Tools:
We recommend or review tools for measuring customer success to drive upselling and cross-selling.

Proposal Management Tool:
Our team evaluates the need and deploy a proposal management tool for efficiency.

Contracting Tools:
Xscale reviews and suggest tools for managing contracts.

Learning Management System:
We assess your existing learning management system for sales training.

Sales Plan Rollout and Commission Tools:
Xscale examines tools for rolling out sales plans and managing commissions.


After assessing your Company’s needs, Xscale designs and deploys a sales technology architecture to automate the entire GTM cycle, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. We also leverage our Xcalibur platform, which integrates several Sales and Marketing tools, to develop and deploy customers’ tooling architecture.

Pricing Strategy

At Xscale, we understand that pricing optimization is crucial for business success. Our team work with you to fine-tune your product pricing, maximize profits, increase market competitiveness, and promote sustainable growth.

Why Optimize Product Pricing and what does it entail?

  1. Profit Maximization: Strategically adjusting price points to unlock hidden revenue potential.
  2. Market Positioning: Ensuring your offerings are competitively positioned.
  3. Customer Perception: Aligning pricing with perceived value to attract and retain customers.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging analytics to guide pricing decisions.

Our Approach:

Market and Competitor Analysis:
Xscale analyzes market dynamics, customer behaviour, and the competitive landscape. We study competitors’ pricing strategies to shape your market positioning effectively.

Pricing Strategy Development:
We collaborate with our experts and use our in-house tool, Xpricing, to create a comprehensive pricing strategy that balances revenue growth and profitability.

Value-Based Pricing:
We facilitate conversations with clients to understand the value your product brings to their business. This allows us to set a price that aligns with the perceived impact of your solution.

Product Portfolio Pricing:
Xscale helps you strategically price product bundles, considering factors like bundling, discounts, and geographical variations. Xpricing helps evaluate different portfolio pricing scenarios.

Growth Capital

At Xscale, we understand that the successful execution of Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies often relies on having sufficient capital. As such, we actively assist companies with their capital needs. We work closely with top venture capital firms and family offices, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of their investment theses. This way, we can foster meaningful connections between a company and potential investors.
To maximize the chances of success, we adhere to a rigorous process before introducing a company to investors. We ensure that your company has all the necessary information or assist it in creating it if needed. Here are the key prerequisites:

Clear Product Differentiation & Positioning:
A company should communicate what makes its product stand out from the competitors and how it uniquely addresses market needs.

Market Sizing (TAM, SAM, SOM):
A company should clearly understand the total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), and Share Of Market (SOM) and how these are crucial for strategic planning.

Comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan:
A company should have a well-defined GTM strategy, including distribution channels, target segments, and marketing tactics, essential for success.

Pricing Model:
A company should have a transparent pricing strategy that aligns with its value proposition and market dynamics.

Financial Forecast:
Accurate financial projections help investors assess a company’s growth potential and risk.

Our comprehensive high-touch consulting approach with our portfolio companies has yielded impressive results, with a success rate of over 90% in all capital raise assignments we undertake.

Global Expansion Consulting

With our core strength in building multi-billion-dollar international businesses, and a strong network of partners, distributors, and resellers, Xscale assists the Company in expanding into overseas markets:

Offshore Demand Generation:
Cost of onsite resources in very high and hence Xscale helps establish a demand generation engine in India, creating a sales funnel from India for global markets for your organization to optimize the cost of international sales.

Overseas Entity Creation & Representative Office:
We helps in creating an entity in the targeted geography to establish a local presence for your organization and assist in arranging local physical or virtual office spaces. Xscale ensures tax and regulatory compliance in the target geography.

Transfer pricing:
We help your organization in building a pricing structure to minimize tax outgo by leveraging DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements) between the two countries.

GDPR and Other Privacy Laws:
Xscale through its global partners helps conduct product assessments for compliance against local privacy laws of each region or country.

Onsite Distribution:
We assist the Company in creating onsite distribution channels through reference sales, resellers, and partners, or by helping to hire fractional or full-time resources.