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GTM Tooling Architecture

GTM Tooling Architecture

Technology-driven and digital-first sales are quintessential for any company today. They can speed up the sales cycle and drastically lower the cost of customer acquisition. These tools can enhance targeted outreach and nurturing, resulting in a substantial boost in sales performance. Companies often deploy tools without extracting any benefits because what they need for effective sales is a complete sales technology architecture, not isolated tools. Xscale assists in building a Sales Technology framework by advising on the appropriate selection, deployment, and use of these tools, which include:

Outbound Prospecting Tools:
Xscale assess, recommends, and deploys the right outbound prospecting tools to expand your reach.

Inbound Optimization and Retargeting Tools:
Our team evaluates and deploys tools for inbound optimization and retargeting.

CRM and Analytics for Direct and Channel Sales:
We optimize or deploy customer relationship management and analytics tools for both direct and channel sales.

Marketing Automation Tools:
Xscale assists with the deployment of marketing automation tools for social, digital, and other campaigns.

Customer Success Measurement Tools:
We recommend or review tools for measuring customer success to drive upselling and cross-selling.

Proposal Management Tool:
Our team evaluates the need and deploy a proposal management tool for efficiency.

Contracting Tools:
Xscale reviews and suggest tools for managing contracts.

Learning Management System:
We assess your existing learning management system for sales training.

Sales Plan Rollout and Commission Tools:
Xscale examines tools for rolling out sales plans and managing commissions.


After assessing your Company’s needs, Xscale designs and deploys a sales technology architecture to automate the entire GTM cycle, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. We also leverage our Xcalibur platform, which integrates several Sales and Marketing tools, to develop and deploy customers’ tooling architecture.