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Working with 20+ B2B companies across INDIA and USA.

Founder of Doqfy

“Before Xscale, our sales at Doqfy were founder-driven with no clear market segmentation or sales plan. Xscale helped us conduct market research, identify key segments, and develop a detailed sales playbook. They also implemented CRM and telecalling tools, improving our sales team’s performance and refining our customer approach. We’re thrilled to be part of the Xscale portfolio and grateful for their support.

Co-founder and CTO of SecureWave Research Labs

“While SecureWave possessed strong technical expertise, we lacked experience in customer outreach and go-to-market strategies. Xscale’s guidance was instrumental in overcoming these challenges, refining our product features, establishing a go-to-market strategy, and building our sales engine. Their support, along with our technical expertise, puts us in a strong position to make a major impact in the cybersecurity world.”

Ankit Mittal
Founder of Wicked Technologies

“We partnered with Xscale in early 2021, seeking assistance in refining our business model, developing a robust sales strategy, and overcoming fundraising challenges. Their invaluable mentorship and connections within the investor community have significantly propelled our growth.”

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Working with 20+ B2B companies across INDIA and USA.