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Account Management

Account Management

Every company has a set of accounts they aim to develop and expand. These are often market leaders that provide visibility, validation, and brand value in the market. The objectives of an account management approach include:

Customer Retention and Expansion:
Xscale focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty through targeted upsell and cross-sell initiatives, thereby increasing the Company’s lifetime value.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:
We streamline processes to maximize ROI and resource utilization for the company.

Revenue Diversification:
Xscale assists the company in reducing dependence on a few clients by diversifying revenue streams across the customer base.

Xscale uses the following approach to build an effective account management function tailored specifically for your Company:

Identify focus accounts:
Xscale helps in segmenting existing customers based on revenue contribution, industry, growth potential, and other customer-specific parameters to identify accounts that have highest future potential for the company.

Develop Account Plans (APM):
We help design comprehensive account plans for the Company’s identified accounts. These plans cover key customer challenges, whitespace opportunities, competition positioning, key stakeholders, growth opportunities, financial resources, potential models, and decision-making processes.

Design Account Based Marketing (ABM) plans:
Tailored to the Company’s strategic objectives, we help in crafting personalized ABM plans. These include curated content like case studies and success stories, exclusive events or webinars, Account-Specific Landing Pages, and tailored offers, all aimed at maximizing your engagement and impact.

Strengthen Execution Capabilities:
Xscale designs the right team structure, suggest the regular customer touchpoints, align team KPIs, and deploy the most relevant tools and processes to foster seamless communication between sales, marketing, and customer success teams.