Xscale Nurture

B2B SaaS Founder Challenges - Scaling of Revenue​

  • Indian SaaS Founders have excellent technical skills and are making great products, but often find it difficult to accelerate revenues. Hence many promising companies never reach their full potential.
  • Accessing global markets is complex, and companies have to navigate through product fitment, access, and regulatory issues making it difficult to generate revenues from lucrative overseas markets.

Revenue Acceleration

Xscale works like a Co-founder in a Startup journey with hyper customized guidance.

  • Program duration of 12 months and There are no cohorts,
  • Xscale has a disproportionate focus on the Sales and Revenue Growth because it defines the sustainability of a startup. Moreover, it is the prime criterion to get to the next stage of Funding.
  • Xscale doesn’t do macro advising; instead, it builds actual Strategies for our startups, helps execute them, and recalibrates until it works.
Xscale provide B2B SaaS companies with the following

Business & GTM Strategy

Sales Engine Design

Shared Teams

Sales & Mktg Tools

Global Infrastructure


  • Xscale invests up to USD 100K from in-house fund at the time of startup entry in the program.
  • If the startup is looking to raise more capital at the entry stage, Xscale will introduce the startup to partner pre-seed VC funds and angel investors.
  • Xscale works with the startup to improve fundamental matrices during the program, and after 4 to 6 months, Xscale will hold a Demo day, inviting partner VCs to raise more significant funding for the startup.
  • Univision shall invest up to USD 300K during this round.
  • Xscale helps startups choose the right funding instrument (Convertible Note, CCD, Equity, or Debt) as well as helping with clauses in Term Sheet and Shareholder Agreement.
  • Xscale also guides on the Regulatory process and Due diligence required during the funding process.
Upcoming Regional Sales Offices:
Phase I
Phase II
Singapore, UK, Dubai

Xscale Advantages

Knowledge - Xscale brings deep domain knowledge in GTM and Sales

Efficiency – Is achieved through A shared services team and Tools

Speed – template-based rollout to reduce THE 1-year cycle to 1-month

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