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B2B SaaS Founder Challenges - Scaling of Revenue​

  • Despite having excellent products and technical expertise, many promising companies fail to reach their full potential due to a lack of effective go-to-market strategies.
  • Startups often struggle to access global markets, making it difficult to establish strong international brands.
  • High Sales Spend. In the first 3 years, SaaS companies spend between 80 to 120% of their revenue in sales and marketing (using venture dollars or other forms of capital to finance the business).

Xscale's Rapid Scale Model

Our “Rapid Scale” model is focused on building complete sales machinery from scratch for the B2B companies through a step-by-step process – to arrive at a sustainable and cost-optimized sales engine in the fastest possible timeframe. 


  • Xscale works with the startup to improve fundamental matrices and hold a Demo day, inviting Xmultiplier community, partner VCs and inhouse fund to raise funding for the startup.
  • Xscale supports startups in securing government grants and funding through relevant schemes.
  • Xscale helps startups choose the right funding instrument (Convertible Note, CCD, Equity, or Debt) as well as helping with clauses in Term Sheet and Shareholder Agreement.
  • Xscale also guides on the Regulatory process and Due diligence required during the funding process.
Upcoming Regional Sales Offices:
Phase I
Phase II
Singapore, UK, Dubai

Xscale Advantages

Knowledge - Xscale brings deep domain knowledge in GTM and Sales

Efficiency – Is achieved through A shared services team and Tools

Rapid Scale model to drastically increase the speed of deployment.

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