Current Portfolio Companies

An advanced cyber security solution for Embedded Systems, IoT, Connected Vehicles, 5G, and
mission-critical systems.
  • Pipeline of >$3.5M Created in last 12 Months

  • One of the very few companies in the world working on this Tech. Multiple patents filed.

  • A senior founding team from ex-Qualcomm, ex-Nvidia with 80 Years of combined exp.

  • Rated as India’s best Cybersecurity startup by AICRA

  • Rated as India’s best Cybersecurity startup by AICRA.

  • Received $250K. In grants till date.
A B2B Procurement platform that is buyer-driven and has a real-time comparison and negotiation functionality
  • Current Revenue: $4M/Year. EBIDTA +ve.

  • Grown 4x in last one year

  • A unique buyer-driven procurement model, unlike seller-driven marketplaces.

  • An experienced founding team with strong domain expertise.
Privacy-first consumer intelligence platform
that provides businesses with detailed insights, audience identification, and analytics to succeed in the digital world.
  • Doing ARR of $1.5M. Existing customers include, HUL, GroupM, Airtel, Spotify, J&J, Amazon Prime Video.

  • Have raised Pre-Series A round of $1.3 million.

  • Award winning patented technology.
A USA based security solution provider.
  • Generating revenue of more than $4M p.a.

  • Raised multiple rounds of funding

  • Has a strong client base including US government department
An USA based B2B Technology Marketplace
  • Initial traction is already developed.

  • Founded by a team of seasoned domain experts.

  • Can be expanded to other international market.
Creating India’s first Micro Gas Turbine for UAVs and Drones.
  • Only four companies working globally on this size MGT.

  • Incubated at IISc-Bangalore and got seed funding from IIT-Roorkee.

  • Very strong domain experience with a founding team from ex-Boeing and ex-Rolls Royce with a combined exp of 50+ Years
A real time and AI enabled in-App nudging solution
  • Doing ARR of $400K.

  • Raised $1.5M funding till date.

  • Existing customers include ICICI bank, IIFL, Dream11, Vedantu, Tanishq and many more.
An augmented intelligence platform - to help Companies achieve strategy objectives through holistic operating model decisions.
  • Doing ARR of $350K+

  • Founder is Ex-IIMA with 30+ years of industry experience.

  • Marquee customers include, Accenture, Cognizant, Sutherland.
AAIENA is a fashion tech startup using AI and Virtual Reality, to offer contactless virtual trial room.
  • Strong foundation with 40+ paying customers.

  • Successfully raised pre-seed round funding.

  • Experienced founding team.

  • Large and growing market opportunity.
A patented process to recycle plastic to achieve almost virgin quality recycled plastic.
  • Founded by a chemical scientist with more than two decades of experience in the industry.

  • The product is far superior in many aspects compered to any existing product.

  • Huge unmet demand.
Enabling remote professional training for sportspeople using Wearables, AI and ML.
  • Large untapped market

  • Technology patents under approval.

  • Same Tech can be quickly replicated in various sports