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GTM Strategy and Operating Plan Creation

A clear strategy helps drive efforts in one direction rather than spreading them thin all over the place. With limited resources at hand, a scientifically designed Go-to-Market(GTM) strategy can help the company acquire customers most efficiently. 

Xscale helps define a clear GTM strategy and Operating plan for the Company. GTM is determined basis the market segmentation, Company’s core strengths, and the external competitive landscape. It covers:


We co-create GTM strategy and SOP with our porfolio companies

Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM)

Sales Operating Plan (SOP)

Sales in Key Account

Every Company has an aspirational list of accounts that they want to acquire. Usually, these are market leaders and give a lot of visibility to the Company in the market. Xscale helps with:

  • Identifying named accounts for the Company
  • Building a high-touch strategy to acquire those accounts
  • Detailed Account Planning process
  • Account Based Marketing for Key Accounts:
  • Upsell and cross-sell in existing large accounts.

Sales Process

Scaling the sales quickly requires efficient processes. Xscale helps in defining the key sales processes that include:

  • Creating Quote to Cash process to streamline the sales engine
  • Optimizing the Roles & Responsibilities of each team member
  • Creating/optimizing the Pipeline and Forecasting process
  • Building an effective Proposal and Contracting process
  • Sales compensation design
  • Onboarding and sales training program design for new hires

Demand Generation Engine for Volume Business

To build a volume business by tapping in the tier-2 and tier-3 accounts, Xscale supports Company with the following activities:

  • Designing an efficient and cost-efficient sales engine.
  • Advising on various Inbound and Outbound channels of lead generation.
  • Prospecting and opportunity qualification process
  • Optimizing Funnel progression and funnel conversion
  • Nurture and drip campaign design
  • Measuring customer success and engagement
  • Upsell, Cross-sell, Reference program design

A representative diagram of the sales engine is shown below for reference. The actual design will be based on the requirement of the Company.

Demand Generation Engine for Volume Business

Tooling Architecture for Sales and Marketing

Technology-driven sales and Digital-first Sales are a necessity now. It can help accelerate the sales cycle and significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition. These tools can help in targeted reach out and nurture, leading to an exponential jump in Sales performance.

Companies tend to deploy some tools but never reap any benefit because

  • Companies need full Tech architecture and not isolated tools
  • These tools have to be connected to each other to drive the full power and efficiency out of them.
  • Companies have limited know-how about deployment, Integration and usage of tools
  • Very difficult, time consuming and expensive for a young company to deploy and maintain all required tools

Xscale provides a Sales Technology platform after assessing the needs of the company. It can include

  • Outbound prospecting tools
  • Inbound optimisation and retargeting tools
  • CRM and Analytics for Direct and Channel Sales
  • Marketing Automation tools covering Social, Digital, Email and other campaigns
  • Customer success measurement tools to drive upsell and cross sell
  • Proposal Management tool
  • Contracting tools
  • Learning Management System
  • Sales plan rollout and commission tools

Xcalibur is a full stack Sales Technology Platform for B2B Companies and provides a layer of integrations, data flows, and decision support algorithms on top of best-in-class tools.

Global Expansion

With our core strength in building multi-billion-dollar international businesses, and a strong network of partners, distributors and resellers; Xscale helps Indian Startups expand into overseas markets:

  • Xscale helps set up a demand generation engine in India, i.e., creating sales funnel from India for global markets and,
  • Helps in creating onsite distribution channels in the form of reference sales, resellers and partners.

Xscale also Helps with:

  • Overseas entity creation
  • Representative office
  • Int’l Regulations & Compliance
  • Transfer pricing
  • GDPR and other Privacy Laws
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