"Poor Distribution(Sales), not product, is number one cause of failure of startups."

- Peter Thiel, VC | Paypal Cofounder | Author - Zero to One

“The number one reason that we pass on entrepreneurs who build great products is that they don't have a good distribution strategy."

- Marc Andreesen, VC | Netscape Cofounder

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Deep Commitment

A very focused accelerator that works like a Co-founder in a Startup journey with hyper customized guidance.

  • Works with only 8-10 high-potential startups a year.
  • There are no cohorts, and each startup gets personal guidance and dedicated Mentors who spend exclusive time with the startup every week.
  • Each mentor puts their personal capital in the startup they mentor.
  • Program duration of 12 months, unlike other similar programs that generally have a program duration of 3-4 months.
  • Xscale doesn't do macro advising; instead, it builds actual Strategies for our Accelerator startups, helps execute them, and recalibrates until it works.

Business & GTM Strategy

A clear strategy helps drive efforts in one direction rather than spreading them thin all over the place. With limited resources at hand, a scientifically designed Go-to-Market(GTM) strategy can help the startup acquire customers most efficiently.
GTM is defined basis the startup's aspirations, core strengths, and external competitive landscape. It covers things like:

  • Geographic Coverage
  • Target customer segment
  • Sales Channel selection
  • Positioning
  • Pricing

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Focus on Revenue Growth

Xscale has a disproportionate focus on the Sales and Revenue Growth of startups because it defines the sustainability of a startup. Moreover, it is the prime criterion to get to the next stage of funding.

  • Xscale Develops sales strategies and provides help in implementing them.
  • Helps set up a demand generation engine
  • Creating distribution channels in the form of resellers, partners, or the company's own salesforce
  • Hiring of the sales leadership
  • Opening doors at right levels in customer organization to drive sales

Global Expansion

With our core strength in building multi-billion-dollar global businesses, Mentors located in international geographies, and a worldwide network of partners; Xscale helps Indian Startups expand into overseas markets:

  • Being located in the international region, Mentors have easy access to decision-makers in the customer organizations.
  • Mentors bring local presence and credibility to the startup
  • Xscale helps set up a demand generation engine in India, i.e., creating sales funnel from India and, in parallel creating onsite distribution channels to make the sales happen in international markets.

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  • Along with bringing partner VC firms, Xscale has its in-house VC fund that exclusively invests in our Accelerator startups.
  • Xscale works with the startup to improve fundamental matrices during the program. After 4 to 6 months, Xscale will hold a Demo day, inviting partner VCs and Angel investors to raise more significant funding for the startup.
  • Xscale invests up to INR 25lac at the time of startup entry in the program and up to INR 1.5Cr on the demo day.
  • Xscale helps startups choose the right funding instrument (Convertible Note, CCD, Equity, or Debt) as well as helping with clauses in Term Sheet and Shareholder Agreement.
  • Xscale also guides on the Regulatory process and Due diligence required during the funding process.

Distinguished Mentors

  • Our mentors are senior industry leaders and hold profiles of Managing Directors, CXOs, Vice Presidents, etc., in Fortune-500 companies and Unicorns.
  • They bring a wealth of Functional, Technical, and Distribution expertise to help Startups create relevant products faster and provide speed to take them to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Apart from providing guidance based on their rich experience, mentors have direct access to decision-makers of potential customers/partners. They can establish connections at the right levels for quick decision-making.

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Sales Tools and Technology

Technology-driven sales and Digital-first Sales are a necessity now. It can help accelerate the sales cycle and significantly brings down the cost of customer acquisition.

  • Xscale helps startups define the correct measurement matrices, ensure they have the right analytics tools, and run well-designed growth experiments.
  • Tools like CRM and lead generation tools are essential requirements, but Datawarehouse, CDP, Marketing automation, clubbed with advanced analytics, can be a game-changer for a Startup. These tools can help in Targeted Reach out and Nurture, leading to an exponential jump in Sales performance.
  • Tools can make real-time data availability a reality resulting in an increased pace of decision making and quick course correction.
  • Xscale advises startups on the proper selection and deployment of these tools.

Incubation Support

If required, Xscale provides support on:

  • Company formation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Patent Filing
  • Government grants
  • Legal Contracts creation (Customer, Vendors, Employees)
  • Overseas entity creation

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